"Gollum" The Lord of the Rings - Iowa State University Symphonic Band
2 May 2013
Steven Smyth conducts the Iowa State University Symphonic Band as it performs "Gollum" of Symphony No. 1, The Lord of the Rings, by Johan de Meij at CY Stephens Auditorium (4/27/2013). GOLLUM (Sméagol): The third movement describes the monstrous creature Gollum, a slimy, shy being represented by the soprano saxophone (played by sophomore Chemical Engineering student, Justin Moser). It mumbles and talks to itself, hisses and lisps, whines and snickers, is alternately pitiful and malicious, is continually fleeing and looking for his cherished treasure, the Ring. Brad Dell, ISU drama department faculty member, plays the role of the wizard narrator. Sam Johnson, french horn player, created the video that is projected above the Symphonic Band during GOLLUM (Sméagol).
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Meij: Symphony no 1 "The Lord of the Rings"

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